Vasectomies: Permanent Birth Control Is Easier Than You’d Think

June 6, 2014  |  TV Appearances  Vasectomy  

When couples know their families are complete, it’s often the woman who undergoes a tubal ligation as a form of permanent birth control. But more and more men each year are opting to take that responsibility on instead. Vasectomies are a quick, painless option that nearly 500,000 U.S. men choose to take advantage of each […]

What if a vasectomy reversal fails?

May 17, 2014  |  Vasectomy  

Vasectomy reversals have a higher failure rate the longer you wait after your vasectomy. If you wait 5 years or more after your vasectomy to have a reversal, there will a lower success rate. If a reversal fails, and you still want to have children, sperm may be extracted from the testicle itself. We use […]

Our Signs at The Long Center

October 18, 2013  |  Enlarged Prostate  Incontinence  UTIs  Vasectomy  

An Artful Message at Austin’s Cultural Center When do you think about your urine? Probably when you’re in the restroom. That’s the idea behind our yearlong campaign taking over the Long Center restrooms. Part public service announcement, part site-specific art piece, these signs are designed to send the message of good urologic health exactly when […]

Is sex any different after a vasectomy?

August 18, 2013  |  Men's Health  Vasectomy  

Vasectomies can seem almost too good to be true sometimes, which leads to a lot of questions. When can I have sex after a vasectomy? Is sexual performance hindered by the procedure? Do you still ejaculate after a vasectomy? Every aspect of sex should be exactly the same after a vasectomy, except of course the possibility […]

Are vasectomies reversible?

August 16, 2013  |  Vasectomy  

While a vasectomy is very quick and simple to do its reversal isn’t as easy. This is done as a surgery in the operating room, under general anesthesia using microscopic techniques. While many insurance plans cover vasectomies, reversals are not, and the out of pocket cost can be quite up, costing you upwards of $20,000. […]

How much does a vasectomy cost?

August 5, 2013  |  Uncategorized  Vasectomy  

The vasectomy self-pay is $899, one of the lowest in the state, though the amount that comes out of your pocket depends on your insurance plan. This procedure is typically done in our clinic by appointment, and can take as little as fifteen minutes to complete. Vasectomies are partly covered by insurance, and the amount […]

How Much Does a Vasectomy Hurt?

August 2, 2013  |  Men's Health  Vasectomy  

The only uncomfortable part of the procedure for most men is the numbing medication. We use a spray-jet to deliver the anesthetic. After the scrotum is numbed, you shouldn’t feel any part of the vasectomy afterwards. Typically, there will be some discomfort on the day of the vasectomy, which will slowly resolve within the next […]

Austin Vasectomy

June 17, 2012  |  Vasectomy  

Patients are choosing the Austin Urology Institute for their  Austin vasectomy.  Why?  There are many reasons….first we have an excellent location just right off North Mopac, just north of the Domain Mall.  When you call for an appointment, our friendly staff (no computers or leaving messages!) will help you find our first available day (or […]

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