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When the time is right, love should be the only thing you're making

You know the old saying. Two's company, three's a crowd? There's nothing wrong with the family-friendly lifestyle and weekly in-law visits, but maybe you and your partner are ready to start some crowd control...
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Don't get us wrong, we know your children are your priority. At the same time though, you did have a life before kids came into the picture. The irony is, you were probably really happy when you started planning your family. And you may be happy now but you won’t always be planning for more unless you have unlimited funds and unlimited patience. If you do, call us! We want to know your secret.
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When you want to remember what sand feels like between your toes again - and this feeling called privacy - what will you turn to for contraception? Pills that make you look and feel like you’re back in high school? Or you can use condoms that make you feel like you’re dating again, and not in a good way? How about an IUD that’s just somewhere ‘in there’? We say ‘no way’ after what our bodies have already been through. This next one shouldn’t be on us, right ladies? Don’t start getting Redbook in the mail and ‘are you ready for menopause?’ emails before you start thinking about your future.
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Have (no, make) the man in your life take one for the team. He should get a vasectomy at the very least. It’s the most effective, non-invasive birth control available, and it takes less than a visit to your ob-gyn. It's safer and easier than tubal ligation, and considering those nine months (for real—can they just call it 12 months already?) you went through, it’s the least he can do. Tell him to man up.

Complications from vasectomies are minimal, especially under Austin Urology Institute's renowned care. The possibility of a pregnancy after a vasectomy is 0.1% when following Dr. Koushik Shaw's orders, and most importantly, a short recovery period means your hubby has no excuses. Best of all, unlike when you neutered your pet, there will be no effects on your partner's desire, pleasure, or participation post recovery.
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You and yours could be a shave and a snip away from a perfectly sized family and a perfect level of intimacy. Call in for a consultation, and prepare for your partner to get #SnippedbyShaw. Need help convincing your other half? Try breaking the ice with these downloadable (and pinnable, to share with your girlfriends) cards:
Need help convincing your other half? Try breaking the ice with these downloadable cards:

You got him to commit once before... now make sure he doesn't pull out.