Treatment of Varicocele

April 30, 2012

Saw a young man in clinic today with complaints of left testicular pain, that gets worse as the day goes. On examination, was found to have a large grade IV varicocele on the left.  In all men, the right testicular vein drains to the vena cava, but on the left, the venous drainage goes into the left renal vein, and then the vena cava.  This increased resistance may cause a… Read more

How to make the best decision for your Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

April 27, 2012

Nearly a quarter million people are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.  Austinites are no exception.  There has been a lot of debate about what the right treatment should be–if any.  I am of the belief, and there is increasing support for this–that there are at least two major types of Prostate Cancer; 1) an aggressive variant that can cause death; 2) a “wimpy” variant that should be looked at… Read more