The Truth About Circumcision

July 29, 2015

Dr. Koushik Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute Team are experts in men’s health, and we field lots of questions that many men are afraid to ask anyone else. We understand that men’s health can be a sensitive topic and we’re here to help. Today, Dr. Shaw shows tackles the tricky topic of circumcision. Is circumcision available for adults? Yes! Dr. Shaw routinely performs circumcisions. It’s a simple outpatient procedure. Is circumcision… Read more

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

July 22, 2015

Dr. Koushik Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute team are used to tackling tough questions about men’s health. One issue that many men face and are embarrassed to talk about is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive subject, but nothing to be ashamed about. So don’t fret, men, Dr. Shaw is here to help answer your questions and concerns about erectile dysfunction. How common is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction… Read more

Dr. Shaw on Dudley & Bob, June 1

July 17, 2015

Dr. Shaw made one of his regular visits to patients Dale Dudley and Bob Fonseca during the Dudley & Bob show on KLBJ-FM. Dr. Shaw and the guys discussed a variety of urologic topics, including kidney transplant, hysterectomy and numb penises. You can listen to the entire segment below! You don’t have to rely on the radio to get expert advice from Dr. Koushik Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute team,… Read more

The Truth about Low T

July 15, 2015

Dr. Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute team are experts on male reproductive health, which means we field a lot of questions from men that they’re embarrassed to ask anyone else. One trending topic in the men’s health world is low testosterone, or as it’s known on billboards and radio ads, low T. What is low T? Is it contagious? Am I at risk for low T? We’ve got answers… Read more

July is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

July 6, 2015

July is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, and the Austin Urology Institute team has put together a handy fact sheet about the disease. While you may not hear about it very often, bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the United States. At Austin Urology Institute, we bring the latest technology and techniques to the fight against bladder cancer. We can remove tumors from the bladder without surgery by… Read more