Surgery Free Treatment for Severely Enlarged Prostate Has Arrived

October 17, 2019

Living life with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate can hardly feel like life at all. Constantly getting up at night, structuring your plans around how close the nearest bathroom is, never feeling fully relieved or straining to pee. No one wants to deal with it. While surgeries and treatments for enlarged prostates are available, for one reason or another, they don’t always work for everyone. And when inconsistencies like this arise, it is up to the world of medicine, science, and technology to come together to create a solution. And we’re happy to announce that solution has arrived. Introducing the “Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate” procedure, now available at the Austin Urology Institute. While the HoLEP procedure is an advancement in enlarged prostate treatment and medical technology, it is extremely rare. The reason being is because it requires intensive mentor training and high expertise to execute properly. Luckily, we have just the guy. Meet Dr. Lawrence “Law” Tsai. Dr. Law is one of a handful of urologists in the country trained in HoLEP and has recently joined our practice at the Austin Urology Institue. Being one of the best urology practices in Texas means having some of the best doctors in the industry. And Dr. Law is one of them.

What Is The HoLEP Procedure for Enlarged Prostate?

With absolutely no incisions, this laser-oriented procedure removes the portion of the prostate that is causing urinary problems and discomfort. With a faster recovery and minimal to no effect on your sexual function, this fast-acting procedure is the epitome of all enlarged prostate treatment options. Find out more here.

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