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Welcome to the Austin Urology Institute, the leader in advanced urologic care. With locations in Austin and Cedar Park to serve all of Central Texas and beyond.

Armed with a coveted five-star rating, Dr. Koushik Shaw pilots the team at the Institute, and his patients have shared their trust and respect for him all across the region.

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Our patients come in with complex urologic issues. From kidney stone removal to kidney transplants, hydrocelectomies to cancers of the prostate, bladder, and kidney, all the way to commonplace issues such as family planning and vasectomies. So why do patients choose Dr. Shaw? The latest robotic and minimally invasive surgical technology, one of the highest rated nursing staff, and a dedication to go above and beyond makes the Austin Urology Institute an easy choice.

Our expertise in solving the most challenging urologic issues has led us to welcome patients seeking the latest solutions from across Central Texas to around the country.

To experience the care we are renowned for, book now or give us a call: 512-694-8888

Robotic Surgery

Compassionate Surgeon Merges with Technologic Precision

At the Austin Urology Institute, our minds match our machines – they're the best around. The Da Vinci Robot makes complex procedures like a prostatectomy much faster to recover from.

Utilizing the Da Vinci robotic system allows us to operate with minimal incisions and maximum precision. Most of our patients can undergo major urologic procedures with only 5 incisions smaller than a dime, and go home in 24-48 hours. We are proud to be closely affiliated with the Texas Robotic Institute, a worldwide leader in Robotic surgery, and one of the largest by surgical volume in the United States.

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Family Planning

Intimate Operations

A life with no surprises would be a dull one, but unexpected pregnancies and birth control can challenge many relationships. Under the renownd care of the Austin Urology Institute, Dr. Shaw offers fifteen minute vasectomies as a highly effective solution for your family planning needs at one of the top rated vasectomy clinics in the state.

Vasectomy Information

The Answer to Urologic Cancer

The sooner you come in, the sooner you can start feeling better.

At the Austin Urology Institute, we routinely help patients with urologic cancers like bladder cancer, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, and prostate cancer. Our state of the art access to the latest robotic systems, 3-D and high definition camera technology ensures that you have the latest cutting edge technology to cure or manage your disease.

But after all our advanced machinery is shut off for the night, there's still the human side of medicine. Our highly rated staff will provide you with concierge-level care from your first visit onwards.

Cancer Care

The Sum of Our Parts

Experience our world-class care

Dr. Shaw and staff oversee a multitude of different procedures here at the Institute. We perform laser prostate procedures, shock-wave lithotripsy and laser kidney stone removal, vasectomies, prostatectomies, laparoscopic kidney transplants, testicular cancer treatment, and more. If you have a urologic problem, we can help solve it.

At Austin Urology Institute, we've got everything between your belt buckle and briefs under control.

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