Addyí for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Addyí is the only FDA-approved medication for treating HSDD.

One Nightly

Results in as Little as
Four Weeks

In double-blind clinical studies, Addyí has been shown to have three major effects on patients…

Increased desire for sexual activity.

Increase in satisfaction in sexual events.

Reduced distress associated with low sexual desire.

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What to Expect
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Your in-person or online video consultation is the first step to getting your libido back in action. It’s important to speak with qualified providers at the Women’s Wellness Institute to be sure Addyí is the right solution for you.

  • We will discuss the possible causes of a lowered sex drive to make sure that Addyí is the best solution.
  • During your consultation we will evaluate if there is a need for additional testing to evaluate for potential hormone imbalance or other cause of symptoms.
  • Once we have determined Addyí is right treatment, we’ll send in your prescription
  • You may see results in as little as four weeks!

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