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Aquablation of the prostate is a new type of treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. At Austin Urology Institute, we are proud to be among the few selective practices in the Austin, Texas area to offer this advanced, one-of-a-kind, minimally invasive therapy.

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Men with BPH are not willing to sacrifice sexual function for symptom relief with surgery.

men with BPH feel that surgery requires a tradeoff between symptom relief and side effects.

men with BPH did not realize how important maintaining sexual function was to them before surgery.

A New Wave in BPH Treatment

Aquablation works by surgically removing prostate tissue with water. It is less invasive than traditional TURP procedures, as there are no incisions involved on your abdomen or belly. It is performed in a hospital under anesthesia and takes less than an hour. The postoperative period usually involves an overnight stay.

Dr. Shaw is among the first in the region to bring this revolutionary procedure to Austin.

How the Aquablation
Procedure Works

Step One:
Every prostate is unique in size and shape. Aquablation therapy enables us to customize the procedure to your specific anatomy. Ultrasound imaging integrated with a camera, called a cystoscope, shows us the entire prostate in real time. This allows us to plan your treatment to your unique prostate gland. During this process, we are able to avoid removing parts of the prostate that can cause irreversible side effects such as erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculatory dysfunction, and incontinence.

Step Two:
After a surgical map of the prostate has been created, a robotically-controlled, heat-free waterjet then begins to remove the prostate tissue that was outlined from the map. Robotic technology minimizes human error and ensures precision.

When required, our urologist may choose to apply a minimal amount of cautery following the procedure to control bleeding.

Step 1 - Creating a Surgical Map

Step 2 - Removing the Prostate Tissue

Is Aqua­blation Right for You

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Aquablation therapy is a unique procedure that uses robotic-precision with a novel treatment therapy. However, not all prostates are alike and not all therapies will provide long-lasting relief and cure. It’s important to start the conversation with your primary care physician or establish care with your urologist. At Austin Urology Institute, Dr. Shaw is proud to offer a multiple treatment options for BPH and are available to consult with you to personalize your treatment plan.

Aquablation therapy has a very low rates of irreversible complications (incontinence, ejaculatory dysfunction, erectile dysfunction) because…

  • It is the only procedure that gives surgeons the ability to view the entire prostate so they can create a map that avoids the parts of the prostate that cause irreversible complications.
  • It is the only procedure that uses a heat-free waterjet to remove prostate tissue. Technologies that use heat to remove prostate tissue may be damaging to the parts of the prostate that control erectile function and ejaculatory function. It should be noted that some surgeons may choose to use a minimal amount of cautery following an Aquablation procedure if it is required to control bleeding.

Aquablation therapy removes prostate tissue with a robotically-controlled waterjet. This robotic technology minimizes human error and ensures the prostate tissue is removed precisely, consistently, and predictably.

In clinical studies, Aquablation therapy has been shown to provide durable symptom relief.

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