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It’s true what they say: Prevention is the best medicine. The Men’s and Women’s Wellness Institutes were founded on that simple idea, which is often overlooked by other practices. Effective prevention means looking at your nutrition and lifestyle habits as the first line of defense against illness.

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Improving Your Health at the Source

A range of health issues can be treated or prevented with simple changes in diet and behavior. Some examples include fertility, diabetes management, elevated cholesterol, vascular disease, prostate cancer risklow testosterone or erectile dysfunction (ED), hormone balance, kidney stones, and overactive bladder.

While there may be procedures or medications to treat these conditions, often the best course of action is to work with our nutritionist to prevent them before they occur or stop them before they get worse.

The best health solutions always start with the right questions. To get a personalized wellness plan, we talk to you about your aims, your current lifestyle, and whatever challenges we need to overcome to get you healthier.

  • What are your health goals? What do you want to accomplish?
  • What does your current diet and lifestyle look like in a typical day?
  • Are you fatigued, or not able to hit your peak?
  • What makes you feel healthy or unhealthy?
  • Do you get enough sleep, water, and movement?

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