Texas Urologist, Technological Perfectionist
Caring for El Paso Urology Patients

Texas Urologist, Technological Perfectionist
Caring for El Paso Urology Patients

Austin Urology Institute is a short plane ride from El Paso for some of the best care in the nation

El Paso may be a modern, cosmopolitan city - but sometimes you have to go farther afield to get the best medical care. Urologist Dr. Koushik Shaw and Austin Urology Institute have been treating urologic patients from all over Texas for years and Austin Urology Institute features some of the most state-of-the-art care in Texas. Dr. Shaw is an expert in da Vinci Robotic surgery and Austin Urology Institute always uses the latest developments in the field of urology, like non-PSA blood tests to screen for prostate cancer. We combine the resources of a major medical center with the friendly care and convenience of a community clinic. Austin Urology Institute offers Saturday appoints to make life easier on our out-of-town patients. Our patients from El Paso come in with a range of needs, from vasectomies to bladder cancer, and we tackle it all with a friendly face and forward-thinking attitude toward diagnosis and treatment.

El Paso's Answer To Urologic Cancer

Our clinic is at the forefront of treating urological cancers, including those of the bladder, kidney, and prostate. With a rich experience spanning over 14 years in state-of-the-art robotic and laparoscopic surgeries, we adeptly manage intricate cancer operations such as prostatectomy, cystectomy, and both partial and radical nephrectomy. Our commitment to patient care transcends the confines of the operating room. As our sophisticated equipment is switched off, our attention turns to thorough aftercare. We provide essential post-operative support, from delivering medications right to your door to supplying ice packs, and we offer help with hotel bookings and transportation arrangements if required. The progressive surgical methods we employ ensure a faster healing process, enabling you to return to your everyday activities more swiftly than traditional surgical techniques would permit.

da Vinci Robotics for El Paso Patients

Dr. Koushik Shaw has been performing advanced robotic surgeries on the kidney, bladder and prostate since 2004. Patients from across the state and even other countries travel to Austin Urology Institute for their treatment.

  • 14 years experience with robotic surgery
  • 10+ years of working with da Vinci system
  • Among the 1st in the state to use the da Vinci Xi robotic system
  • Renown personal, concierge-level care in state-of-the-art facilities

For patients seeking robotic prostatectomy, pyeloplasty, sacrocolpopexy, and partial nephrectomy, you’ve found the place. Here, your health is our priority and your comfort our specialty.

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El Paso Robotic Surgery

Feel Better the Moment You Walk In

Austin Urology Institute’s facilities are bright, modern, and comforting. Our staff is professional and welcoming. Our reviews speak volumes about our ability to provide care and comfort to our patients. Whether you have a urinary tract infection, pelvic prolapse, enlarged prostate (BPH), low testosterone, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, or overactive bladder, we make every effort to bring you back to good health.

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El Paso Dr. Shaw

Why Drive From El Paso To Austin?

State-of-the-art urologic care in a friendly clinic setting
Unlike El Paso ’s fledgling medical community, Austin Urology Institute offers state of the art urologic treatment in a comfortable clinic setting.

Flexible scheduling
Saturday appointments allow you to get treatment on your terms

Expert care
Dr. Shaw is on the kidney transplant team at Austin’s St. David’s medical center and is one of the few doctors in the country that teaches other surgeons how to use the da Vinci robotic surgery system.

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Virtual Visits Available

We offer both in-clinic and remote telemedicine consultations worldwide.

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