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Almost every great medical advancement at one point or another went through clinical trials. That’s why the Austin Urology Institute created our own clinical research department to ensure that our practice and our patients stayed at the leading edge of healthcare.

With the range of expertise inside the walls of our north Austin urology practice, patients will now have the chance to participate in a variety of paid clinical trials. See below for all of our active trials.

Current Trials

Recent prostate cancer diagnosis?
About 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Those affected may qualify to participate in a prostate cancer clinical trial at the Austin Urology Institute. For more info, call 512-349-0500 and download the brochure here.

√ Earn money for time and travel
√ Get seen by a urologist
√ Help others while helping yourself

Virtual Visits Available

We offer both in-clinic and remote telemedicine consultations worldwide.

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