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Restoring Urinary Confidence with Bulkamid

April 15, 2024  |  Incontinence  

Urinary incontinence affects millions of Americans and can be a real drag on -day-to-day activities. Many solutions exist, but today we’re focusing on one: Bulkamid. Bulkamid is a revolutionary product in the realm of urinary incontinence treatment, offered by Axonics. At Austin Urology Institute, we’re committed to providing comprehensive care for urological conditions, and Bulkamid […]

Overactive Bladder? Let’s Talk Axonics Therapy

April 10, 2024  |  Bladder  

Millions of Americans struggle with an Overactive Bladder (OAB), many may not even be aware that the day-to-day complications they live with are symptoms of OAB. Luckily, medical technology continues to grow and another solution to OAB has made its way to Austin Urology Institute: Axonics Therapy. At Austin Urology Institute, we’re committed to providing […]

Struggling With Chronic Urinary Retention?

April 10, 2024  |  Bladder  

New Technology Allows for Relief from Chronic Urinary Retention Today, we’re shining a light on a transformative solution for chronic urinary retention – Axonics Therapy. At Austin Urology Institute, we’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments for urological conditions, and Axonics Therapy offers hope and relief for individuals grappling with chronic urinary retention. What is Chronic […]

Managing Stool Incontinence with Axonics Therapy

April 5, 2024  |  Incontinence  

Incontinence, Bladder, and Urinary Health Webinar Series Bladder issues, urinary tract issues, and stool incontinence affect millions of people around the world. Many people may not even be aware that they are suffering from any of these illnesses or conditions.  Today, we’re shining a spotlight on a groundbreaking solution for stool incontinence – Axonics Therapy. […]

Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

March 7, 2024  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Uncategorized  

Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally Optimizing testosterone levels is crucial for overall health, and lifestyle factors such as diet, weight management, sleep, and stress reduction can play important roles in achieving hormonal balance. Implementing positive changes in these areas has been associated with significant increases in testosterone levels. Diet and Testosterone Firstly, dietary improvements can […]

Why Heart Saver CTs Matter for Men’s Health

March 3, 2024  |  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

Keep Tabs on Your Ticker: Men’s Heart Health In the realm of men’s health, certain issues like erectile dysfunction (ED), low testosterone (T), and fatigue can often be indicative of underlying conditions beyond just urological concerns. At the Austin Urology Institute, we understand the interconnected nature of these issues and the pivotal role they play […]

Alcohol, Sleep, and Men’s Health

March 1, 2024  |  Low Libido  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  

Alcohol, Sleep, and Men’s Health: Insights from Personal Data Howdy everyone, it’s Alex Hughes, urology NP at the Austin Urology Institute. I’ve embarked on a journey of personal exploration, leveraging insights from my Apple Watch’s sleep monitor feature to unravel the complex relationship between alcohol consumption, sleep quality, and men’s health. What I’ve discovered sheds […]

Semaglutide for Weight Loss

February 23, 2024  |  Diet & Nutrition  Low Libido  Low Testosterone  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

The Importance of Healthy Weight Loss At the Austin Urology Institute, our mission has always been to provide comprehensive care that addresses the diverse needs of our patients. Over the last five years, we’ve encountered a significant uptick in patients presenting with conditions such as erectile dysfunction (ED), fatigue, low testosterone (T), buried penis (hidden […]

Pelvic Floor Tension and Urinary Symptoms

February 19, 2024  |  Bladder  Women's Health  

At our practice at the Austin Urology Institute, we have noticed a recurring pattern among a subset of patients: active adults under 50 experiencing severe urinary issues despite the absence of bacterial infections. This trend is not unique to our practice but reflects broader shifts in healthcare trends over the last decade. According to data […]

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Options

February 6, 2024  |  Uncategorized  

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Peyronie’s (pay-roe-NEE) disease is a condition in which fibrous scar tissue forms in the deeper tissues under the skin of the penis. This causes curved, painful erections.  This can prevent you from having sex. Or it might make it hard to get or keep an erection, which also is called erectile dysfunction. […]

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