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Will Smoking Weed Prevent You From Having Kids?

December 13, 2019  |  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

It’s no secret that cannabis has been widely used for years as a recreational drug. And more recently, as an alternative medical treatment. Today, with its legalization and decriminalization in the U.S. its use is even more widespread– especially at younger ages. Although research on the long term health benefits versus risks is on the […]

How to Get Sperm That Swims Like Michael Phelps

December 4, 2019  |  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

Male infertility accounts for 40–50% of all infertility, affecting approximately 7% of all men. It is due to low sperm production, abnormal sperm function or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. Illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, and other factors can also play a role in causing male infertility. Interested in getting your […]

Never Get Another UTI While You’re Pregnant

December 3, 2019  |  Bladder  Kidney Cancer  Kidney Health  UTIs  

Urinary tract infections or bladder infections (UTIs) are common in pregnancy with between 2-10% of women diagnosed with them while pregnant. Pregnant women are at increased risk for UTIs starting in week 6 through week 24. So if you’re in a similar situation, this info might help you maintain your urologic health and your sanity […]

The “Quality of Life” Items Your Doctor Often Forgets

November 30, 2019  |  Bladder  Enlarged Prostate  Erectile Dysfunction  Incontinence  Kidney Cancer  Kidney Health  Kidney Stones  Men's Health  Prostate Cancer  Vasectomy  

During my medical school and training, I, along with other medical professionals were taught how to properly analyze, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of disease processes. While learning “how to doctor,” patient encounters were typically rote and followed a fairly strict protocol and ritual: obtain a history, perform a physical exam, provide an assessment […]

Don’t Get a Vasectomy Before Doing This

November 28, 2019  |  Men's Health  Vasectomy  

Vasectomies are a common, easy and practical approach to contraception. One, that has a 99.85% success rate. A vasectomy is performed in our Austin location as a 15-minute procedure with very little need to prep, minimal recovery time and very few risks. While it is considered a permanent form of contraception, we offer vasectomy reversals […]

Fact or Fiction: Can Testosterone Shorten My Lifespan?

November 21, 2019  |  Erectile Dysfunction  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

Testosterone plays a role in many areas of a male’s life. Most people consider it to be solely responsible for sexual performance and enhancing mood, but it also plays a vital role in promoting life longevity… to a point. Testosterone promotes muscle building which increases metabolism (the rate that muscle burns calories) which can ward […]

Does This Medication Mean the End of Low T?

November 14, 2019  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

Testosterone levels in men normally slowly decline with age. Levels typically decrease by 1-2% each year beginning at the age of 40. However, testosterone may also drop quickly due to medical illnesses such as stroke, trauma, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, obesity, heart attacks or medications. Before any testosterone treatment is considered, a full health […]

Stem cells pose risk, offer promise for ED, other diseases

November 5, 2019  |  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

No matter how much promise a new treatment method may hold, it’s important to look at the evidence. There are plenty of clinics that will sell a treatment based on potential rather than proven results. When seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction, you are always better served going to an actual urologist. Dr. Shaw lent his […]

Why You Should ALWAYS Use a Testosterone Specialist

October 25, 2019  |  Erectile Dysfunction  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

Testosterone levels in men tend to slowly decline with age. Levels typically decrease by 1-2% each year beginning at the age of 40. Low t symptoms can include difficulties with erections, low libido, fatigue, mood changes, drops in energy in the afternoons, sleeping problems or difficulty maintaining muscle mass. What a lot of people don’t […]

Austin Urology Institute Purchases State of the Art Technology

October 15, 2019  |  Bladder  

Austin Urology Institute recently became one of the first urology practices in the state of Texas to start using the latest technology to detect bladder cancers. With the addition of two Olympus camera systems that provide High-Definition vision, as well as Narrow-Band-Imaging (NBI) Dr. Shaw and his team are able to see into the bladder […]