Masturbation After Vasectomy: Things you Should Know 

June 21, 2024

Due to a variety of factors, more men are turning to vasectomy as a form of responsible birth control. Vasectomies are relatively minor procedures, but there are a few questions we get in the office regarding vasectomies. Two we often hear are “can I have sex after vasectomy?” and “can I masturbate after vasectomy?” We have written extensively on the first question, and now we want to address the second. 

Masturbating After Vasectomy: Is It Bad? 

While the procedure itself is minor, quick, easy (we do it in-house!), and has a short recovery time, we don’t recommend immediately going home and “treating yourself.” The penis, genitalia, and general area may be swollen or feel irritated for a few days after the procedure. We typically tell our patients to forgo things like swimming, weight-lifting, and any exercise involving the lower half of the body for at least two weeks. 

Masturbating after vasectomy may cause damage to the dissolvable sutures that close the small incision in the scrotum, which can be painful and may cause damage to the tissues that surround the area.

Masturbation after Vasectomy: Well, How Long Should I Wait? 

Everybody is different. Some men may recover quicker than others and can return to sexual activity, exercise, and masturbation sooner. However, we generally tell people to hold off on the big three for at least a week, listen to your body, and make a decision when you do not feel any pain or irritation in the area. 

We Actually Want You to Masturbate After Vasectomy!

After the right amount of time, of course. At first, your ejaculate will not be entirely sperm-free until you “clear the pipes.” We estimate it takes about 30 ejaculations to clear any lingering sperm, and have all of our patients perform an at-home sperm test just to be sure. This test requires no visit to our office, we do all the communication via email to determine our results. 

Thinking About Vasectomy? Give us a Call! 

Vasectomies are safe and easy alternatives to female birth control. Austin Urology Institute has established itself as the go-to vasectomy clinic in the Central Texas area. Contact us today to set up a consultation!