Overactive Bladder? Let’s Talk Axonics Therapy

April 10, 2024  |  Bladder  

Millions of Americans struggle with an Overactive Bladder (OAB), many may not even be aware that the day-to-day complications they live with are symptoms of OAB. Luckily, medical technology continues to grow and another solution to OAB has made its way to Austin Urology Institute: Axonics Therapy. At Austin Urology Institute, we’re committed to providing […]

Struggling With Chronic Urinary Retention?

April 10, 2024  |  Bladder  

New Technology Allows for Relief from Chronic Urinary Retention Today, we’re shining a light on a transformative solution for chronic urinary retention – Axonics Therapy. At Austin Urology Institute, we’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments for urological conditions, and Axonics Therapy offers hope and relief for individuals grappling with chronic urinary retention. What is Chronic […]

Pelvic Floor Tension and Urinary Symptoms

February 19, 2024  |  Bladder  Women's Health  

At our practice at the Austin Urology Institute, we have noticed a recurring pattern among a subset of patients: active adults under 50 experiencing severe urinary issues despite the absence of bacterial infections. This trend is not unique to our practice but reflects broader shifts in healthcare trends over the last decade. According to data […]

Your Bladder Health Matters

February 1, 2024  |  Bladder  Uncategorized  

A New Weapon Against Bladder Cancer Are you undergoing BCG bladder instillation therapy?  If you answered yes, there is an additional therapy that may help prevent recurrence of bladder tumors. Nearly three-fourths of patients diagnosed with high-risk bladder cancer will recur or progress within ten years.  Even though most patients recover from bladder cancer, the vast […]

Urine Color and You

December 23, 2023  |  Bladder  

Colors of Urine: What’s Normal and What’s Not? The color of urine can serve as an indicator of various aspects of an individual’s health, offering valuable insights into hydration levels, diet, and potential underlying medical conditions. Normal urine color typically ranges from pale yellow to amber, influenced by the concentration of a pigment called urochrome. […]

Can Constipation Cause Frequent Urination?

October 12, 2023  |  Bladder  

Constipation and Frequent Urination: Is There a Connection? If you have occasional or regular bladder leaks, you may notice they get worse when you are constipated. For most people, this means going longer than 3 days without a bowel movement, but any point past comfort can increase your chance of bladder leaks. That is because when […]

What is Sacral Neuromodulation for Overactive Bladder?

September 1, 2023  |  Bladder  

Getting up to pee a wee bit too much?  You’re not alone. And what’s more, you’re not too far away from sensible, outpatient solutions!  No, we don’t mean meditation —we’re talking sacral neuromodulation to stop that ‘gotta go’ sensation.  Let’s talk about your sacral nerves.  You have five pairs of these nerves poking past your […]

Overactive Bladder (OAB) and Constipation

February 6, 2023  |  Bladder  

If you have bladder leaks, you may have noticed that they worsen when you are constipated. This is because there’s a link between constipation and frequent urination. Constipation causes the colon to enlarge and place more pressure on the bladder, leading to increased urgency and frequent urination. Having to constantly urinate is a condition known […]

Your Bladder Is No Laughing Matter: November is Bladder Health Month

November 3, 2022  |  Austin Urology  Bladder  

Did you know, every 1 in 6 adults will suffer from an overactive bladder (OAB)? And that every 1 in 3 women will deal with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) at some point during their lifetime? If you feel like you’re the only person in the world who “leaks” or is constantly running to the bathroom, […]

Vitamin D & Bladder Health

May 30, 2022  |  Bladder  

What does Vitamin D do for my bladder health? Bladder health and Vitamin D, what is the connection? Vitamin D synthesis begins when a chemical in our skin is converted by sunlight into pre-vitamin D3. Additionally, vitamin D is found largely in our diets: in fatty fish, milk products, and fortified cereals. This vitamin in […]

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