UTI and You

January 27, 2024

Stop UTIs in Their Tracts

Suffering from recurrent UTI symptoms?  Tired of being on antibiotics? I often prescribe D-mannose with Cranberry for my patients with recurrent UTI’s. Research suggests that supplemented D-mannose could be a promising alternative or complementary remedy especially as a prophylaxis for recurrent UTIs. When excreted in urine, D-mannose potentially inhibits Escherichia coli, the main causative organism of UTIs, from attaching to urothelium and causing infection.

OTC for Your UTI

The problem with over the counter supplements is consistency, supplements are not regulated and may vary from bottle to bottle. The most trusted name in Urological supplements is Theralogix. Theralogix products are certified for content accuracy and purity by NSF® International – one of the most rigorous third-party dietary supplement testing programs in the world. 

Introducing Mannose One and Theracran

TheraCran One + Mannose One offer the most comprehensive support for urinary tract health.* 

  • The right dose: 500 mg of cranberry powder with at least 36 mg of PACs + 2,000 mg of d-mannose per daily dose, both research-backed doses for urinary tract health.* 
  • Dual support: Cranberry and d-mannose flush bacteria from the urinary tract in two unique ways, providing the most broad-spectrum protection.* 
  • The only urinary tract health bundle with supplements independently content-certified by NSF International. 

If you are suffering from chronic UTI’s and want to be proactive, schedule an appointment today and let’s work together to improve your urinary health!