Prostate Cancer

A Game Changer: Pylarify Imaging for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Detection

July 1, 2021  |  Prostate Cancer  

There’s a new, FDA-approved imaging that can help detect prostate cancer. As of May 2021, Pylarify, a type of PET scan has been approved to identify suspected prostate cancer metastasis or recurrence. About one in nine men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men (not […]

Men’s Health Month: June Get Up and Go Challenge, Week One

June 2, 2021  |  Men's Health  Prostate Cancer  Testicular Cancer  

Happy June Guys! It’s Men’s Health Month! The American Urological Association and the Urology Care Foundation have challenged men to commit to making healthy choices that are not only great for their overall health, but especially for their urologic health. Austin Urology Institute is accepting the challenge. Join us! This month, there are four weekly […]

Inflammation, Insulin, and Prostate Cancer

March 7, 2021  |  Diet & Nutrition  Prostate Cancer  The/Age  

Two recent studies conducted from separate teams at both Harvard University and the University of Texas Cancer Center show a similar link between diet and prostate cancer. What diets specifically? Dr. Benjamin Fu, leading the Harvard team, focused on hyperinsulinemic and inflammatory diets. Dr. Justin Gregg and the University of Texas team had findings on […]

What Foods to Avoid for Prostate Cancer Prevention

March 2, 2021  |  Enlarged Prostate  Make/Well  Men's Health  Prostate Cancer  Testicular Cancer  Uncategorized  

When focusing on our health, most of us know that looking at what we eat is crucial. When discussing prostate cancer risk reduction through diet, there are a some simple guidelines to follow that will leave your body better suited to fight the development of the cancer, that we discussed here. However, there are two […]

How to Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer through Diet

February 28, 2021  |  Make/Well  Men's Health  Prostate Cancer  Testicular Cancer  

Differences in diet and lifestyle may account for the variability of prostate cancer rates. Additionally, correct nutrition may reduce the incidence of prostate cancer and help reduce the risk of prostate cancer progression. An important point to note: it is estimated that one third of cancer deaths in the United States can be attributed to […]

Prostate Cancer and African-American Men

February 24, 2021  |  Prostate Cancer  

Prostate cancer is a significant health problem in the United States with about one in nine men diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Prostate cancer develops mainly in older men and in African-American men. About six cases in ten are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older. And one in three Black American males […]

What is Prostate Cancer Screening?

February 16, 2021  |  Prostate Cancer  

Prostate cancer is a significant health problem in the United States with about one in nine men diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, excluding including skin cancer. It is also one of the leading causes of cancer death among men. Prostate cancer develops mainly in […]

The “Quality of Life” Items Your Doctor Often Forgets

November 30, 2019  |  Bladder  Enlarged Prostate  Erectile Dysfunction  Incontinence  Kidney Cancer  Kidney Health  Kidney Stones  Men's Health  Prostate Cancer  Vasectomy  

During my medical school and training, I, along with other medical professionals were taught how to properly analyze, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of disease processes. While learning “how to doctor,” patient encounters were typically rote and followed a fairly strict protocol and ritual: obtain a history, perform a physical exam, provide an assessment […]

What age should I get a prostate exam?

October 15, 2019  |  Enlarged Prostate  Men's Health  Prostate Cancer  

Prostate health is one of the most important concerns for men as they age. Prostate cancer awareness is a mainstream concern and more and more men are feeling comfortable discussing prostate health with their doctors. Still, there’s some confusion about when to get a prostate exam or if it’s advisable to get a prostate exam. […]

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – Fox Austin

October 8, 2019  |  Prostate Cancer  TV Appearances  Uncategorized  

Dr. Shaw joined Good Day Austin to raise awareness of prostate cancer and what you need to keep yourself (or the men in your life) safe.

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