Vasectomies and ED

July 1, 2024

ED After Vasectomy: What Does Science Say? 

Vasectomies are becoming an increasingly popular family planning choice for couples across the country. Whether they are waiting to have children, already had children, or aren’t sure, many families opt for a vasectomy because it is less complicated, generally safer, and more affordable than other forms of long-term or permanent family planning. Like any surgical procedure, vasectomies come with their fair share of questions and concerns. Chief among them are “can I have sex after a vasectomy?”, “can I masturbate after a vasectomy?”, and can a vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction (ED)? 

Does a Vasectomy Cause ED? 

Erectile dysfunction affects many men and can have a variety of causes. Because of this, it is understandable for someone to assume that in the process of “shutting off” the transfer of sperm to the urethra during ejaculation, penile function might be affected. 

Vasectomy and ED: Is There a Link? 

If you are worried about vasectomy and ED, science says you don’t have to be! Vasectomies may cause some discomfort or pain, but, they do not cause erectile dysfunction in men. Few, if any, cases of erectile dysfunction post-vasectomy have been documented in studies. 

In fact, there is reason to believe that in some cases, the exact opposite is true! Some men find that they have better and more frequent sex with their partners post-vasectomy, and this has been backed by science as well. Without the worry of pregnancy, many men find that they have more spontaneous sex with their partners, which is good for everyone involved! 

Does a Vasectomy Cause ED? Nope! 

Research shows no connection between vasectomy and erectile dysfunction. Curious about vasectomy? We have performed hundreds at Austin Urology Institute. Men from all over the country travel to see one of the best urologists in Austin, Dr. Shaw! Contact us today to set up an appointment.