Sperm Check

Congratulations, you’ve had a vasectomy! Now it’s time to see if the pipes are clean.

With the SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test you can discover just how effective your procedure was in a quick and accurate way that can be completed in these 9 simple steps:

  1. Collect semen sample (from yourself).
  2. Allow sample to stand for 20 minutes (or sit comfortably in a clean receptacle).
  3. Using transfer device (feel free to improvise here), collect enough sample to fill to the line on device.
  4. Add sample from transfer device to solution bottle (attaching the lid firmly afterwards, please).
  5. Gently mix solution and sample (use a soft touch as this is not a cocktail shaker).
  6. Wait 2 minutes (no fancy skills required for this one).
  7. Add 5 drops from solution bottle to sample well on test cassette.
  8. Wait 7 minutes (the only fancy skill required for this one is patience).
  9. Read results (yes, you’re all done!).

The SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test is the only test on the market cleared by the FDA for home use.



So… how did you do?

A Positive Test Result (Sperm Present)

AUI Sperm Check Positive

  • A positive test result does not necessarily mean that your vasectomy failed, but it does indicate that more testing is needed.
  • Continue to use another form of birth control and contact Austin Urology Institute about what to do next.
  • You may be asked to wait at least two weeks before testing with a new SpermCheck device.

A Negative Test Result (Sperm Not Detected)

AUI Sperm Check Negative

  • Sperm count is undetectable and indicates a negligible risk of pregnancy.

An Invalid Test Result

AUI Sperm Check Invalid

  • If you do not see a control line (marked as “C” on the device), this test cannot be interpreted and you should test again with a new device.

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