A Reliable Solution
to Erectile Dysfunction

A penile implant is used to treat ED in men. They are recommended when other treatments such as ED pills, injections, vacuum devices do not or no longer work for men. Men will sometimes also prefer having a penile implant over the other options, or when those treatments produce unwanted side effects.

How Does the Penile Prosthesis Work?

The penile implant may either malleable (bendable), or inflatable. The type that you may receive will vary on either your preference and whether or not you feel comfortable operating them. Both options provide patients with direct control of both the timing and duration of your erection whenever you feel aroused. The inflatable system mimics the most natural feeling erection as it allows you turn it “on and off.”

The Parts of the Implant

A. Reservoir, B. Cylinders, C. Pump, D. Tubing, E. Deflation button, F. Deflation block, G. Pump bulb

Inflating the Prosthesis

Squeezing and releasing the bulb fills the cylinders with fluid, producing an erection.

Deflating the Prosthesis

Squeezing the deflation button for about four seconds, and then releasing it will return the penis to its flaccid state.

The Benefits of the Penile Prosthesis

Compared to other ED treatments, the penile prosthesis offers unique advantages:

  • Never need pills again
  • No need to wait for the effects to take place
  • Will work when other treatments fail
  • Minimally invasive procedure reduces recovery time
  • Procedure can be performed in an outpatient setting
  • Most insurances will typically cover the the procedure

Our goal is to get you to a greater quality of life as quickly as possible.

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How to Operate a Penile Prosthesis

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