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Advanced Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Low-intensity Pulsewave therapy has been used for years in the orthopedic world to effectively treat joint disorders. It has been shown to break down scar tissue, induce growth factors and increase blood flow. Recently, numerous European studies have shown Pulsewave therapy, also known as shockwave therapy for ED or GAINSWave, to be highly effective in the treatment of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

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The Next Wave in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Using high frequency, low-intensity shocks, Pulsewave is able to induce the process by which the body repairs damaged blood vessels, stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, and breaks down plaque in penile blood vessels. This allows for better blood flow, resulting in better erections.

Dr. Shaw is among the first in the region to bring this revolutionary procedure to Austin.

How the Pulsewave
Procedure Works

Pulsewave is non-invasive, painless and requires no anesthesia or other medications to perform. During your visit, you will be placed in a comfortable procedure room where you can keep your mind off things by watching TV or listening to music on your phone. After applying ultrasound gel to multiple areas of the penis and the groin, the Pulsewave applicator will be placed on several different parts of the penis and groin area where the blood vessels are most affected. Most of our patients don’t notice any sensation, besides a slight tingling. You may also hear clicking as well. Typically, 6 zones in the penis and two zones in the groin are treated and in just 20 minutes in total or less, you will be done!

The high frequency waves break up plaque while you just sit back and relax.

Increase Blood Flow by Breaking Up Plaque

75% of Patients Could Stop or Reduce Use of ED Pills

Low Risk, High Reward

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Studies have shown that up to 75% of men who were using medications for erectile dysufnction were able to stop or reduce their ED meds after undergoing Pulsewave treatment.

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximately 30 million men of all ages in the U.S.
  • ED can be treated with medications, but medications don’t always work.
  • Benefits of Pulsewave treatments may last as long as two years.
  • Erectile dysfunction pills take time to go into effect. With Pulsewave, you’re good to go anytime.

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