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Solo has over 20 vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle in one tablet. It’s recommended for men and post-menopausal women.

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Show your bones some love with this twice-daily supplement packed with Vitamin D3, calcium citrate and more. Recommended for men undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT).

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Prostate SR

Formulated for men, Prostate SR utilizes a combination of saw palmetto extract and phytosterol to benefit urinary tract health.

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Harness the power of cranberry PACs (aka proanthocyanidins) to support your urinary tract health and ward off urinary concerns.

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ConceptionXR Motility Support

Powerful combination of nutrients to boost sperm health and motility.

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Compare to Cialis®
Treats ED by increasing blood flow to the penis so a man can both achieve, and maintain a lasting erection. Can also treat symptoms of BPH enlarged prostate.

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Compare to Viagra®
One of the most popular erectile dysfunction medications ever created. Stock up so you’re ready when the moment strikes.

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Testosterone treatment is growing in popularity, but you need a real urology clinic to treat a testosterone deficiency accurately and safely. Get medical grade testosterone treatment here.

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Kidney Support Tablets

KSPtabs were formulated to offer a natural solution to promote kidney health. One of the main problems affecting kidney health is stones. 1 in 10 adults have stones and they can often be an uncomfortable and extremely painful experience.

KSPtabs promote regular hydration while keeping your kidneys replenished with natural stone inhibitors. The effervescent tablets can easily be added to your water intake and are available in two delicious flavors.

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Trimix Penile Injections

Erectile dysfunction treatment in the form of a penile injection, often used in conjunction with other ED treatments.

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Enhance fertility by stimulating the pituitary gland to signal the testicles to increase testosterone production. Fertility treatment for men and women.

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Vacuum Erection Device

An ED treatment that uses an acrylic pump and constriction ring to initiate and maintain erections.

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