Low Testosterone

Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

March 7, 2024  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Uncategorized  

Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally Optimizing testosterone levels is crucial for overall health, and lifestyle factors such as diet, weight management, sleep, and stress reduction can play important roles in achieving hormonal balance. Implementing positive changes in these areas has been associated with significant increases in testosterone levels. Diet and Testosterone Firstly, dietary improvements can […]

Alcohol, Sleep, and Men’s Health

March 1, 2024  |  Low Libido  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  

Alcohol, Sleep, and Men’s Health: Insights from Personal Data Howdy everyone, it’s Alex Hughes, urology NP at the Austin Urology Institute. I’ve embarked on a journey of personal exploration, leveraging insights from my Apple Watch’s sleep monitor feature to unravel the complex relationship between alcohol consumption, sleep quality, and men’s health. What I’ve discovered sheds […]

Semaglutide for Weight Loss

February 23, 2024  |  Diet & Nutrition  Low Libido  Low Testosterone  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

The Importance of Healthy Weight Loss At the Austin Urology Institute, our mission has always been to provide comprehensive care that addresses the diverse needs of our patients. Over the last five years, we’ve encountered a significant uptick in patients presenting with conditions such as erectile dysfunction (ED), fatigue, low testosterone (T), buried penis (hidden […]

Enclomiphene vs. Clomiphene for Low Testosterone

January 12, 2024  |  Low Testosterone  

Howdy from Austin Urology Institute, my name is Alex Hughes, Urology NP. Today, we’ll delve into the nuanced differences between two medications integral to managing testosterone levels and fertility: Enclomiphene and Clomiphene for low testosterone.  Understanding the Medications Clomiphene, a blend of Enclomiphene and Zuclomiphene, stimulates testosterone production by triggering hormone release from the pituitary […]

Five Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

December 18, 2023  |  Low Testosterone  

Low testosterone (defined as lower than 220 to 350 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter of blood serum) impacts quality life dramatically. From low libido comes fatigue, loss of energy, depression, mood changes, erectile dysfunction, infertility, difficulty with weight loss, decrease in muscle mass, lack of motivation, decrease in mental clarity and sleep disturbances to the […]

Low T Solutions: Signs Clomid is Working

November 6, 2023  |  Low Testosterone  

Trying Clomid for Low T? Here are Some Signs Clomid is Working. When it comes to managing testosterone levels in men, Clomid (clomiphene citrate generic form) is becoming an increasingly popular option. At the Austin Urology Institute, under our guidance, we believe in providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to address hormonal imbalances in men. In […]

Tongkat Ali: Effective for Low Testosterone or More BS?

October 19, 2023  |  Low Testosterone  

Is Tongkat Ali Effective? Tongkat Ali, a herbal remedy from Southeast Asia, has gained popularity for potentially boosting testosterone and addressing low libido in men. While some studies suggest it can increase testosterone levels and improve sexual performance, it’s important to exercise caution. The quality of Tongkat Ali supplements varies, so choose reputable brands with […]

Could Stress Be Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction?

September 30, 2023  |  Erectile Dysfunction  Low Libido  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  

Does Stress Cause ED?  In our fast-paced world, stress has become a constant in many people’s lives. From work pressures to personal responsibilities, stressors are many and the solutions can seem few and far between. This can affect not only our mental health but also our physical health, including performance in the bedroom! Many men […]

Testosterone Levels: Where Do I Stack Up?

July 18, 2023  |  Low Testosterone  

Let’s Talk Testosterone Testosterone levels in men tend to increase during their late teens and early twenties, peaking in their late twenties. After that, they may gradually decrease by about 1% per year, but this can vary on a case by case basis. The normal range for adult males is usually between 300 and 1,000 […]

A Low-Carb Diet for Hypogonadism

March 29, 2023  |  Low Testosterone  

Low-Carb Diet for Hypogonadism Hypogonadism is a condition in which men do not produce enough testosterone, also known as testosterone deficiency. Symptoms include decreased sex drive, lower energy, and even feelings of depression. Over time, men with hypogonadism can develop erectile dysfunction, male infertility, a decrease in muscle mass, and more. It is well known […]

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