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The Best Testosterone Treatments 2022

May 17, 2022  |  Uncategorized  

Let’s talk testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is most often associated with sex drive and plays a vital role in sperm production. It also affects bone and muscle mass, the way men store fat in the body, and even red blood cell production. A man’s testosterone levels can also affect his mood.  These hormone levels […]

How To Find The Best Urologist (You’ve Found Us!)

May 12, 2022  |  Uncategorized  

Quality care from compassionate professionals can be difficult to find. From the humdrum office hallway to the waiting room, it is easy sometimes to feel as though your doctor sees you as just another patient. However, for the best urologist in Austin, this is far from the case. Dr. Shaw and the team at Austin […]

Reasons Why Men Lose Erections During Sex – Dr. Shaw Weighs In

April 28, 2022  |  Uncategorized  

After dinner, drinks and the Uber ride home, some men find that they show up to bat, but “strike out” at home plate. There are a variety of factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction and poor performance in the bedroom. From mental to physical, there are unfortunately many different things that can cause ED. ED […]

Increasing Vasectomy Rates in Texas – Are Abortion Laws the Cause?

March 29, 2022  |  Vasectomy  

WFAA ABC interviewed Austin urologist Dr. Koushik Shaw about vasectomies in light of Texas’ recent abortion laws. The highly effective and minimally invasive procedure has always appealed to individuals and couples who are looking for a more permanent form of contraception. “It’s very much in people’s mindsets now,” said Shaw, noting that interest in the […]

Vasectomy Doctors: Which Doctors Are Fit To Snip?

March 14, 2022  |  Vasectomy  

If you’re looking into getting a vasectomy, chances are you’re here and reading this because you’re doing some essential research. One of the most common and important questions patients often have is which doctors are qualified to perform vasectomies. The good news is that there are plenty of safe, efficient options out there; just make […]

iTind vs the Urolift?

February 11, 2022  |  Enlarged Prostate  

Considering a safe, non-invasive, in-office procedure like the Urolift to treat BPH (enlarged prostate) and improve the quality of your urination? The Itind device is new to the US market and offers the same type of relief that the urolift offers but without leaving any “permanent” clips in place. I explain to my patients that […]

Best Urologist in Austin? Dr. Shaw Is One of Them.

February 7, 2022  |  Austin Urology  

Austin Monthly recently announced their list of top doctors in Austin, and Dr. Koushik Shaw was nominated by his peers as one of the top urologists in Austin. As someone who is passionate about their work and the Austin community, it means a lot to receive this recognition. Based out of Austin Urology Institute, Dr. […]

Low Libido Got You Down? Are You Frustrated that You Rarely Want Sex?

February 1, 2022  |  Low Libido  Make/Well  Women's Health  

Addyí for Women’s Sexual Health Addyí is the #1 prescribed treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women.  Women who have Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) have low sexual desire. Addyí is indicated for the treatment of women with acquired generalized HSDD as characterized by low sexual desire. This causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty and is not due to […]

Addyí: The Little Pink Pill 

September 23, 2021  |  Uncategorized  

We’ve all heard of a certain small pill that can help men in a big way. Now, it’s the women’s turn with Addyí. What’s Addyí? Addyí is the first FDA-approved treatment for premenopausal women with low sexual desire also called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). Women with HSDD have low sexual desire that is not due to a medical […]

The Men’s Wellness Institute at Austin Urology Institute

September 20, 2021  |  Men's Health  

Be your best you. The Men’s Wellness Institute understands that YOU are multifaceted and that’s a balancing act. We provide an integrative, holistic, and customized approach to maximizing your health and wellness, supporting you to be your best. We take a comprehensive look at all the aspects of your health that make you tick – […]

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