Pulsewave Therapy

Pulsewave has arrived

Low-Intensity Pulsewave therapy has been used for years in the orthopedic world to effectively treat joint disorders. It has been shown to break down scar tissue, induce growth factors and increase blood flow.

Subsequently, numerous European studies have shown PulseWave therapy, also known as shockwave therapy for ED, to be highly effective in the treatment of mild to moderate ED.

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Austin Urology Institute is proud to introduce this state of the art treatment to our patients at the Austin men’s health community and is one of the first with access to this technology. Pulsewave is a short, painless, non-invasive procedure that can change the lives of men struggling with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

European studies have shown the procedure to be effective (up to 75% of men were able to discontinue or reduce their previous ED medication dosage), but the ease of the procedure is just as impressive, with minimal to no discomfort in the 20-minute procedure.

That’s why we here at the Austin Urology Institute are pleased to place the capabilities of Pulsewave Technology in the hands of Austin Monthly’s 2019 top urologist, Dr. Koushik Shaw.

Pulsewave Therapy Information

How does Pulsewave work?

The thought of shockwave therapy for ED doesn’t exactly sound relaxing; there’s no denying that. However, patients have only described a slight tingling sensation, with little or no discomfort at all. As one of the best-recommended urologists in Austin, comfort is one of our top priorities. By using high frequency, low-intensity shocks, Pulsewave is able to induce the process in which the body repairs damaged blood vessels, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and help break down plaque in penile blood vessels allowing for better blood flow resulting in better erections. In a significant number of men, ED is actually caused by poor blood flow to the penis. Pulsewave offers a direct and targeted solution to this very problem. The most significant effects of this therapy are at a molecular-biological and cellular level. Pulsewave restores penile blood flow by stimulating angiogenesis (increased density of micro-vasculature), disintegrating plaque build up, suppressing inflammation, recruiting growth and tissue repair factors and releasing nitric oxide to relax blood vessels. All of which, results in better erections.

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Shockwave therapy in other applications

For those with Peyronie’s Disease, a curvature of the penis, treatment can help break down plaque, fibrosis or scar of the penile tissues and thus reduce curvature, especially with concurrent treatments such as Xiaflex and manual modeling techniques. This form of shock-wave therapy has also been used for pelvic and prostatic pain. By stimulating the pelvic floor and prostatic area, many have seen reductions in what was once chronic pain. Other conditions that shockwave therapy has been well studied and used for include treatment of kidney stones, joint pain, and inflammatory conditions. Pulsewave is a similar technology, just at a lower intensity, tailored specifically for ED, based on several European studies. Low-Intensity PulseWave technology has been well studied and is listed as one of the first-line therapies for erectile dysfunction since 2013 by the European Association of Urology and is supported by many randomized studies to be safe and effective. Most patients will note a reduction or cessation of medications for ED and an increase in spontaneous, natural erections. At the Austin Urology Institute, we always want to make sure our patients come in well-informed. Here’s what you can expect when you come to our office.


The Treatment

Pulsewave is non-invasive, painless and requires no anesthesia or other medications to perform. During your visit to the Austin Urology Institute for Pulsewave therapy, you will be placed in a comfortable, state of the art procedure room where you can keep your mind off things by watching TV or listening to music on your phone. After applying ultrasound gel to multiple areas of the penis and the groin, the Pulsewave applicator will be placed on several different parts of the penis and groin area where the blood vessels are most affected. Most of our patients don’t notice any sensation, besides a slight tingling. You may also hear clicking as well. Typically, 6 zones in the penis and two zones in the groin are treated and in just 20 minutes in total or less, you will be done!

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After Treatment

Go home and relax or go out and play! There will be no downtime after the therapy and no restrictions. You can go about your daily life including work, play, exercise, and even have intercourse. We know how ready you’ll be. There are no restrictions as to changing your daily activity, hygiene or diet. No medications or post-treatment to do list is required either. You may notice slight discomfort on parts of the penis which is normal and will resolve, but no other post-treatment issues are likely. You may always call our office with any concerns. It is important to stay on schedule with the treatments in order to have the best results—Two treatments a week for 4 weeks for a total of 8 treatments.

ED-Pulsewave 2

How effective is Pulsewave?

Studies have shown that up to 75% of men who were using medications for ED that underwent Pulsewave treatments were able to stop or reduce their ED meds because their sexual function had improved. Benefits of the treatments may last as long as two years. Affecting approximately 30 million men in the U.S, Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common for men of all ages. ED includes difficulty achieving an erection and/or difficulty maintaining an erection and oftentimes, is caused by poor blood flow to the penis caused by a buildup of plaque in the blood vessels of the penis over time. This is a likely source in men that have cardiac disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and are of older age. ED can be treated with medications, but medications don’t always work and some men are not candidates to take the medications due to other health conditions. Additionally, it can be a hassle to take medications just at the right time and deal with the potential side effects and the ongoing cost. If you are looking for a solution to ED, Pulsewave and the Austin Urology Institute is the place to do it.

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