Cancer Treating Robot Technology Has Arrived in Austin

May 7, 2019

The Da Vinci Single Port System

Da Vinci is the name of the series of robotic machines from Intuitive that are able to assist and perform in surgical tasks. Da Vinci machines have been integral in advancing the field of surgery. The Intuitive company dedicates itself to precision, consistency, and progress-exactly what you need in surgery. Da Vinci surgery is marked by perceptive control and innovative design.

This Single Port system has a single arm with a tube at the end utilized to enter a patient through a single incision. Then up to four, small robotic instruments extend from the tube and perform surgical tasks that require very small or difficult entry points such as kidney surgery, prostatectomy, and kidney stones treatment.

The Da Vinci Single Port system is actually a three-piece surgical tool. It consists of a vision console, a surgeon’s control console, and the tool itself. Equipped with a large screen, the vision console plays the role of the “eyes” of the surgeon as the machine performs surgical tasks.

The surgeon’s control console is the main workstation of the surgeon. From here, they are able to control the instruments as the tool works inside the patient. The final piece, of course, is the tool itself: the Da Vinci Single Port, a stand with a robotic arm with a tube that contains small robotic tentacle-like arms that are able to perform precise surgical tasks.

The Da Vinci Single Port system uses these three pieces together to perform robotic surgery that would be extremely difficult and in some cases, impossible without the aid of Da Vinci surgery technology.


The number of surgeries that this technology can conduct is almost uncountable. The Da Vinci Single Port system makes some surgeries possible that were previously not considered. The small robotic arms inside the tube are able to work much more freely than surgeons would be able to do with traditional surgical tools. The freedom of motion the arms have once inside the entry point is beyond what surgeons could typically achieve. This allows for what would be a “simple” surgical task to be done in a difficult spot with much ease.

Some examples of use cases are prostate surgery and kidney removal. Even cases that might seem more pedestrian, like surgically removing different types of kidney stones, can be impacted positively with Da Vinci surgery.

While prostatectomy surgeries also currently exist, treatment is able to increase in predictability and efficiency through robotic prostatectomy. The arms of the Da Vinci Single Port make prostate surgery much more efficient through their 24cm reach and the range of instruments available to best suit the task.


Surgery that traditionally might require multiple or large entry points are able to reduce their distress on the patient’s body through single port Da Vinci surgery.

Da Vinci uses incredibly intuitive controls to make the tasks needed for surgery seamless while working at the surgeon’s control console. Da Vinci surgery even has features like Force Bipolar, which allows the surgeon to use a single grasper for different tasks that require different levels of force like grasping, retraction, dissection, and bipolar coagulation of tissue. The surgeon doesn’t have to switch instruments, just change the setting of their grasper through a foot control. This reduces the instruments needed and allows the surgeon to focus on the task at hand.

Use at Austin Urology Institute

Dr. Shaw of Austin Urology Institute is one of the leading specialists of Da Vinci surgery. Shaw has seen the power of this technology and how it will shape the future of surgery. Technology is here to make our lives better, and Dr. Shaw is embracing that idea by having the Austin Urology Institute be one of the first sites to offer Da Vinci surgery. Dr. Shaw has experience working with Da Vinci surgery machines and even leads seminars and training to instruct other surgeons on how to best use the devices.

Austin Urology Institute offers many treatments and will be applying the Da Vinci machine to as many as will be efficient and useful. Robotic prostatectomy will be one of the treatment options available to patients. The opportunities are endless and medical treatment will continue to improve as technology advances. Dr. Shaw is at the forefront of this technological advancement to bring all patients the best care available.

Call us at Austin Urology Institute today to ask about how you can benefit from the precision of robotic surgical treatment for a surgery that you may need.

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