A Little Pain for A Huge Gain

August 24, 2018

One of the most common things I hear from folks is “How much does a vasectomy hurt?”  Well, truth be told, I wondered that myself when I had my own vasectomy after my wife and I had our second child. And having said that, after I was done, I reacted just as most patients do….”Hey, that wasn’t bad at all, I had no idea that it would be so easy…and I never should have put it off for so long!!”

And yes, just like most of my own patients, I came away from the vasectomy realizing that going through a vasectomy is about 90% mental.  The rest is very real, you are having a procedure done on your family jewels, and yes, you have been instinctually trained to protect your balls from harm since most of us were kids!  Back to me, my pain was about 4/10 the first day, and dropped by about a point a day, until I was nearly pain-free just 3-4 days later. Ask any Austin urologist and they will say that the vast majority of patients report a similar road to recovery.

When you trust the family jewels to the Austin Urology Institute and Dr. Shaw, you are trusting 14 years of experience with thousands of procedures safely performed. From prostate or urological cancer surgeries to simple vasectomies, we specialize in all things men’s wellness and are one of the top urologists in Austin. Our technique is the evolution of the latest technology in no needle local anesthetic that works in seconds and allows us to do the procedure safely with a quick return to normal activities in just a few days. One method of procedure is the Da Vinci surgery which enables our urologists to operate on patients without making large incisions or leaving major scarring. The Da Vinci surgical system is highly efficient and allows for a fast recovery.

Best of all, after a few days of recovery, and a week of abstinence, your homework is to have a lot of protected sex (typically 30 laps) over the next several weeks to clear the pipes until our convenient at-home sperm check kits (provided at your appointment) show that you are all-clear. Doctors orders!

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