A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony You Don’t Want to Miss

August 6, 2018

We understand that opportunity is all around you, but what if it was…right below you? Usually, people look up to find it, but have you ever looked down and thought of all the potential you could be missing out on?

Men often avoid the discussion of vasectomies because it seems like a drawn-out process that wouldn’t be worth the reward. But if you were to ask any of the men (who are most likely occupied at the moment) how they felt about getting it done, they’d tell you that they wish they had got it done earlier.

Life after post-op can be…busy, with all the extracurriculars that you can do (and not to mention the attention). But even though our previous patients had plenty on their plates, they were still able to share with us their favorite aspects about Dr. Shaw’s practice.

We collected the entries from the fellas and made a list of the Top 10 features of our clinic that really made it all worth it. We hope this encourages you to take a step into the sexually carefree world that these men now enjoy, and better understand the benefits of this simple procedure.

10. Only takes 15 minutes!

9. Convenient north Austin/Domain location

8. Easy to perform at-home sperm check testing (test-kits provided on day of vasectomy!)

7. See number 8. No embarrassing cup of stuff to bring to the lab!

6. Convenient weekday and select weekend appointments

5. No scalpel, no metal clip. Technique refined over thousands of cases with high reliability and the lowest failure rate of common contraceptive options

4. Covered fully or significantly by most insurance companies

3. Go home with pain medications, full instructions, ‘Nad Pad (ice pack) and sperm check kit, all provided at your visit

2. 5-star service with Austin Monthly’s Top Urologist 2018

1. Get a weekend off, sympathy from your significant other, and LOTS of sex. Doctors orders are to clean the pipes after a week of rest once your vasectomy is over!