A Toast to Your Prostate

March 30, 2021

Those that have symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy), or an “obstructive prostate,” often suffer from an increase in urinary frequency, urgency, incomplete emptying or weak stream. Previously, alcohol was thought to worsen those symptoms, as alcohol is a diuretic that often causes more urinary frequency and urgency.

However, a recent review of 19 studies suggests that those with BPH (and those at risk of developing BPH) may have cause to actually raise a glass and toast their prostate. The study found that moderate alcohol consumption (<36 grams of alcohol a day) could benefit the prostate and reduce the risk of BPH. The prostate is full of blood vessels, and studies have found that moderate alcohol consumption actually decreases cardiovascular disease risk — meaning that ALL blood vessels, including those in the prostate, benefit. Now that an association with BPH and cardiovascular disease has been established, it makes sense that moderate alcohol consumption may possibly be advantageous to prostate health and reduce BPH risk as well.

So break out the beer, wine or spirits (moderately) and enjoy. A small glass of wine (100mL), a nip of your favorite liquor (30mL) or one cold beer may reduce your risks and progression of BPH. Cheers!