Active Surveillance for Low Risk Prostate Cancer

January 2, 2013

Prostate cancer is one of the leading diagnoses of cancer in men.  Over 250,000 men are diagnosed each year.  However, we are learning that not all prostate cancers are a cause of mortality.  In fact researchers have found that there are hundreds, if not more micro-genetic variants of prostate cancer.  Some are more aggressive, and found at an earlier age, larger volume of cancer, and higher stage.  These can be lethal.  However, a large number of prostate cancers may be lower stage, lower volume, and detected at an older age.  These may be indolent, and may be treated like a disease of natural aging.  Following with routine exams, PSA and periodic re-staging/biopsy may be appropriate for some of these patients. This has been called “active surveillance”.

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