Are You Ready for a Vasectomy?

August 29, 2021

Vasectomies are a common procedure and an easy, practical contraceptive method with a 0.15% failure rate. A vasectomy is performed in the office as a 15-minute procedure with very little need to prep, minimal recovery time and very few risks. It is considered a permanent form of contraception, although reversal and other fertility options are available if needed.

Couples typically come to the conclusion that it is “time” for a vasectomy in Austin when they have agreed they no longer wish to conceive for reasons like age, finances, or health risks. They might want a more permanent method of contraception instead of birth control pills, patches, condoms, or they do not wish to conceive at all.

A vasectomy is a joint decision if you’re in a partnership. Couples need to consider risks and benefits of the procedure, but also mutually agree that conception is no longer desired. A discussion about this life-changing procedure is necessary. When undergoing a consultation regarding a vasectomy, it’s recommended that both partners attend in order to understand how the procedure works, any post-procedure instructions, and agree that, as a couple, this is how they wish to proceed. Additionally, after the consultation, literature is provided reiterating everything that was discussed during the visit. If either partner has questions, it is always recommended that they call and speak with a provider to discuss. If there are concerns in the relationship that a vasectomy is a “free pass” for infidelity, then a vasectomy is likely not the contraceptive method of choice and the larger issue in the relationship should be discussed. 

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