Austin Urology Institute Purchases State of the Art Technology

October 15, 2019


Austin Urology Institute recently became one of the first urology practices in the state of Texas to start using the latest technology to detect bladder cancers. With the addition of two Olympus camera systems that provide High-Definition vision, as well as Narrow-Band-Imaging (NBI) Dr. Shaw and his team are able to see into the bladder with crystal clear vision that was previously not possible. NBI is a new technology that highlights blood vessels that may be feeding bladder tumors. With this technology, the tumors literally ‘light up’ a different color compared to normal bladder tissue.

Cystoscopy is used for multiple purposes, including detecting strictures, or narrowing of the urethra, enlarged prostate issues, as well as bladder stones and bladder tumors. Using the latest technology, Dr. Shaw is proud to offer the best available tools to diagnose and treat urologic issues in his patients.


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