Austin Urology Institute to offer Urolift for Enlarged Prostate Issues

October 24, 2014

Austin Urology Institute is proud to amongst the first in the State of Texas to offer the novel Urolift device to help treat symptoms of enlarged prostate (BPH). In America, over 12 million men are affected with BPH. In all men, the prostate begins to grow or enlarge after the age of 40. In some men, especially with a family history of prostate issues, the prostate can continue to grow and obstruct the flow or passage of urine. These symptoms include frequent or urgent urination, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, and urinating at night. For most men, medical therapy with Flomax or similar medications, has been the remedy. For those with worse symptoms, surgical therapy has been the answer. With the introduction of Urolift, we now have a novel, in office procedure than can quickly remedy urinary issues within 15 minutes. The best thing is that there is no catheter involved, and studies show durability of results out to two years with excellent patient satisfaction. The results are immediate, with rapid symptom relief, and minimal downtime and preservation of sexual function.

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