Austin Vasectomy

June 17, 2012

Patients are choosing the Austin Urology Institute for their  Austin vasectomy.  Why?  There are many reasons….first we have an excellent location just right off North Mopac, just north of the Domain Mall.  When you call for an appointment, our friendly staff (no computers or leaving messages!) will help you find our first available day (or some Saturday clinics!) for the procedure; we can do a vasectomy just about any day, although Fridays are the most popular day, so you can recover over the weekend.  The procedure itself is only 15 minutes, and with a month, you won’t even be able to tell that any procedure was ever done.  Erections, ejaculation, and orgasm are all preserved, so ultimately, you won’t notice any changes at all.  Best of all, most insurance companies cover all, or most of the entire procedure!

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Please call to schedule an appointment for preventative/follow-up care: 512-694-8888