Bladder Health and BPH

April 21, 2021

The benefit of treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) isn’t just eliminating urinary symptoms that are disruptive to your quality of life, it also keeps your bladder healthy.

The prostate is a small gland located below the neck of the bladder. The urethra (where urine flows out) runs through the center of the prostate from the bladder and through the penis. As the prostate grows and enlarges (BPH) it begins to press on and obstruct the urethra, causing urinary symptoms. Unfortunately, it can also cause permanent damage to your bladder.

The bladder is a muscle! If the bladder is consistently full because the enlarged prostate (BPH) is preventing urine from being fully eliminated, it stays constantly expanded. Additionally, it has to apply a LOT of pressure in order to get the urine out. This causes a thickening of the bladder wall. That thickening then causes the bladder to be less flexible and elastic.

Over time, the muscle of the bladder can no longer contract well and the capacity of the bladder decreases, which means it holds smaller and smaller amounts of urine. Not only does this cause even MORE pronounced urinary symptoms, it can also lead to total dysfunction of the badder, urinary tract infections, and bladder stones. Once that damage is done it cannot be reversed, and if the bladder is not functioning well enough surgical and medical options to treat these increased urinary symptoms are often no longer options.

The point?

Don’t put off treating your BPH symptoms. Contact Austin Urology Institute to schedule a consultation with a provider to discuss both medical and surgical options for BPH treatment.