Can I Have an MRI with Urolift Implants?

April 14, 2023

If I get Urolift implants, can I still have an MRI?

This is a question I get asked often during consultations with patients who have an enlarged prostate and the truth is yes…but also no.

Urolift implants are what we in the urology business call “MR conditional.” As the name suggests, this means under the right circumstances, they are perfectly safe in MRI machines but only those operating within approved parameters.

The imaging device in question needs to be running on these stats:

  • A static magnetic field of 3.0 Tesla or less
  • Max spatial field of 1,500 Guass/cm
  • Max MR whole body SAR of 4W/kg for 15min of continuous scanning

Those sci-fi terms may be a bit technical for some, but they all refer to how strong and far the magnetization of the MRI spreads.

Since not all machines are created to the same specifications, your best bet for Urolift MRI safety is by keeping your needs written out and on hand.

Ask us for a patient implant card to carry in your wallet! You’ll have it on hand with everything you need in case of emergency, and your regular cards in any other situation. 

When you’re ready to get your procedure done, contact us to schedule an appointment. As one of Austin’s best urologists, we’ve  got you covered, inside and out.