Will Smoking Weed Prevent You From Having Kids?

December 13, 2019

It’s no secret that cannabis has been widely used for years as a recreational drug. And more recently, as an alternative medical treatment. Today, with its legalization and decriminalization in the U.S. its use is even more widespread– especially at younger ages.

Although research on the long term health benefits versus risks is on the horizon, they are currently limited. However, most men are aware that cannabis can cause fertility issues. But research has yet to determine exactly why.

Looking at the Facts

A large literature review that looked at multiple studies and papers on the topic of cannabis use and men’s health, specifically fertility issues came up a bit short, concluding more research was needed. But the evidence did suggest that cannabis plays a role in reducing sperm count and concentration.

It was also noted to possibly cause abnormalities in sperm morphology, motility, and viability. Studies have been inconclusive in identifying the exact impact of cannabis on the hormones influencing fertility such as testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). However, it does suggest that there is a negative impact.

Will Cannabis Give You Issues with Fertility?

More information needs to be gathered specifically based on human studies that reflect the findings noted in animal models. Additionally, the impact of use at younger, reproductive ages and chronic versus recreational use need to be addressed. As cannabis becomes more popular and further legalized throughout the U.S., these issues will be better studied.

Patients using cannabis should be aware of the potential effects on fertility. And if you’re undergoing a male infertility workup, make sure to let your Urologist know of any prior use as it could be helpful in identifying an underlying cause.

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