Fun Facts About The Urinary System

February 1, 2021

Keeping your bladder healthy and functioning as you age is important for both men and women. While men and women may experience different types of bladder problems due to different causes as they age, bladder health applies to everyone.

Think you know all about your bladder? Urine luck! 

Here are some fast fun facts about the urinary system. How many did you guess correctly?

How much urine can a normal bladder hold?
If you guessed, 2 cups (16 oz) you were correct!
A healthy bladder can hold about two cups of urine before it’s full.

How long does it take for your body to make two cups of urine?
TEN hours! It takes approximately nine to ten hours for your body to make that much urine.

If you passed that like a bladder scholar than you likely know these other “fun” facts about your bladder:

+When the bladder is empty, it is the size of a pear

+It’s normal to go to the bathroom four to eight times a day and no more than two times per night.

+Certain foods and drinks are no friend to your bladder.

Ensuring that your bladder stays healthy is pretty easy and incorporates a lot of what you already know is important for overall health.

Drinking water is the number one thing you can do for bladder health.
We can see the eye roll. But it’s true! And if healthy, most should try to drink six to eight glasses (8-ounce glasses) a day!

Eating fiber-rich food will help with bladder health, too.
Your bowels are right next door to your bladder. When you’re constipated, it puts extra pressure on your bladder. Fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables can help you stay regular and keep your bladder and bowels friendly neighbors. Keep this in mind to avoid an overactive bladder.

Keeping your bladder healthy isn’t always about what to do, often there are things to avoid, as well.

Holding in urine too long can cause bladder problems. If you hold your urine for too long over an extended period of time, it can cause the bladder to not contract fully and over time your bladder won’t empty as well. Not only does it put your bladder at risk in terms of not functioning normally, a full bladder is a great opportunity for bacteria to grow causing a urinary tract infection.

Instead of holding your urine, aim for going to the bathroom four to eight times a day and no more than two times at night.

Avoiding food and drinks that may bother your bladder and inflame the bladder tissue will also help keep your bladder healthy. Take a break from or moderate coffee, tea, caffeine, alcohol, soda, fizzy drinks, some citrus fruits and tomato based foods. Those are all known bladder irritants. That’s a tough list to avoid. Concentrate on limiting or moderating these foods/drinks if heavy in your diet.

We Hope you Enjoyed These Fun Facts About The Urinary System! 

Bladder health is an important part of your overall health. If you have concerns about the health of your bladder or are having any urinary changes that you’d like to have evaluated by one of the best urologists in Austincontact Austin Urology Institute or call 512.694.8888 to set up a consultation with a provider.