Jatenzo, A Major Advance in Low Testosterone Treatment, Arrives in Austin

September 28, 2020

Austin Urology Institute is proud to debut the newest therapy for hypogonadism and low testosterone (often referred to as low t), Jatenzo.  Jatenzo is an innovative new therapy for those suffering from signs and symptoms of low t.  Historically, oral delivery of testosterone was associated with liver related issues and toxicity.

Thus, testosterone has been delivered by gel, injection, pellets, and even inhaled to get around that issues.

Jatenzo works around the liver toxicity issue associated with oral tablets through an innovative mechanism.

Advantages include:

No injections, no pain, no procedures. No mess or drying time or concern for transfer of testosterone to women and children.  No skin irritation or other commonly associated issues with other delivery mechanisms.

Dosing is typically twice a day, taken with food.

In clinical FDA studies of men averaging 51 years and a T level of 190, 87% of subjects reaches a level in the 400-600 range

Headache was the greatest side effect, at 5% of subjects.

Additionally, T levels remain stable through the day, and week, without the typical highs and lows of T levels associated with the other T supplementation modalities.

Dosing is typically 237mg twice a day in one capsule, and works for majority of men without need to titration up or down.

Jatenzo is typically covered by most insurance companies, as long as there is clinical evidence to support its use with documented low t levels.  We also have manufacturer assistance cards that ensure that copay can be as low as $0 for most commercial insurance patients

Call us at 512-694-8888 or www.austinurologyinstitute.com for more information.