Life’s Better When You Get Snipped Together

March 28, 2017

Step one: settle down. Step two: start a family. Step three: realize that kids are no cakewalk and you’re ready to be done changing diapers.

When the time comes to make sure your baby-making days are really over, a vasectomy is one of the safest, easiest, and most reliable forms of permanent birth control. But here’s a weird idea you won’t hear every day, even in Austin: Do it with your buddies. Hear us out.

7 reasons to get a vasectomy with your friends:

1. You get to hang out in the waiting room together, but keep the conversation clean, guys — this is literally a family environment.

2. In one fell swoop, you can redeem yourselves for all the times you’ve given your your better half a good reason to be furious with you over the years — as a team. It’s poetic, really.

3. Carpooling to and from your appointments saves gas, which reduces emissions, translating to a cleaner world for the beautiful kids you’ve already brought into the world.

4. Recovery is super quick, but you’re gonna have to take at least a couple days off work, depending on your job. That means an excuse to chill with your boys on the couch on a weekday. First time since college? Most likely. (We offer Saturday appointments, too, which often allow guys to be back at work on Monday if you can’t swing the time off.)

5. After the procedure, you’ll need to wear supportive underwear for at least a week. Draw straws to see who has to go to the store and buy two dozen pairs of tighty-whiteys at once. Throw in a couple jock straps for good measure.

6. Bond over your newfound sexual freedom. Men report no change in sex drive, and without the fear of pregnancy, you may just find that spontaneous rendezvous are a little easier to come by. Plus, per Dr. Shaw’s orders, after one week, you need to have intercourse at least 30 times over the next several weeks to clean the pipes.  No kidding, that’s your homework.

7. No more condoms = no more broken condoms. What’s more fun that sex without the worry!

And here’s another reason to get a vasectomy with your buddies. If you share this blog and tag Austin Urology Institute and a buddy, you’ll have a chance to win a vasectomy gift basket, packed full of all the stuff you need to really enjoy a few days on the couch.

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Dr. Shaw has been practicing urology for more than a decade and has performed thousands of vasectomies for men in Texas and beyond. Learn more about the 15-minute vasectomy here.