The Last Plumber You’ll Ever Need – Meet Dr. Law

September 30, 2019

You might wonder what drives someone to become a urologist. It’s a truly unique niche. And for such a unique niche, you need unique doctors. Dr. Law is one of them. Here’s how he ended up at the Austin Urology Institute.

Meet Dr. Law

To be honest and frank, I had absolutely no idea what urology was and what a urologist did until halfway through my medical school training. I started medical school knowing only for sure that becoming a doctor was the best way I would be able to help and give back to my community. But I had never given much thought to what kind of doctor I wanted to be.

During this initial period of medical school, I figured out that I wanted to do something surgical and “hands-on.” I serendipitously fell into urology, answering a “help wanted” ad posted by a urologist who needed help with a research study.

After I got the position, I was fortunate enough to shadow a group of urologists and see what their day-to-day lives were like. Not only were they excellent doctors who had great personalities and humble senses of humor, but they were also skilled and astute surgeons who utilize the latest and greatest technology (including robots) to treat cancers. People joke about surgeons sometimes being too serious, angry, or “burnt out.” But I rarely see a urologist who is any of the above.

Another aspect of urology that I enjoy and love the most is the continuity of care and relationships I build with patients. The nature of urologic diseases and issues allows me to take care of patients from all walks and phases of life.

From their initial office consultation to their follow-ups, and from their follow-ups to their surgeries, I’ve been able to build relationships with my patients. Something that is often missing in other surgical and medical fields. I sometimes think of myself as their glorified “personal plumber on speed dial,” who patients always call for their urinary or urologic needs.