More Precision, Less Incision – Da Vinci Surgery

October 11, 2018

Nearly two decades ago, Intuitive Surgical introduced the future in modern medical practice — the da Vinci Surgery System.

In 2000, the da Vinci Surgery System was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and thus, a new standard was set for minimally invasive surgery. For the world’s premier practices, the da Vinci Surgery System quite literally eliminated the need for surgeons to be as hands-on as they had been prior to the 21st Century. While surgeons are still in complete control of each procedure, the da Vinci Surgery System’s robotic hands, 3-D vision, and high definition camera transfer the surgeon’s movement’s to the da Vinci System.

Think Nintendo’s Wii for advanced robotics surgery.

In short, the modern use of the da Vinci Surgery System means smaller incisions, less pain, blood, and scarring, and a much faster recovery timetable.

Dr. Koushik Shaw, the founder of the Austin Urology Institute, incorporated advanced robotics surgery into his practice in 2004 and now boasts 10 years of extensive experience and expertise with da Vinci Robotics.

Although da Vinci surgery is now utilized across a multitude of medical practices, Dr. Shaw has mastered and continues to maximize its use at the Austin Urology Institute as arguably the top urologist in Austin, Texas. Under the urological umbrella, which encapsulates an expansive list of treatment options, the Austin Urology Institute is able to utilize its State of the Art da Vinci surgery services for a variety of procedures. Whether it’s procedures such as pyeloplasty, sacrocolpopexy, nephrectomy, vasectomy reversals, or even the most delicate of operations such as testicular cord denervation, among numerous others, the Austin Urology Institute has successfully utilized the da Vinci surgery System with thousands of patients.

With the ability to achieve precision unattainable by the human hand and utilize a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny wristed instruments, the Austin Urology Institute implements the da Vinci surgery system to assure patients endure much smaller incisions — as small as 1⁄2 inch — significantly reduced pain and bleeding, and shorter recovery periods.

The majority of our patients return home within 24-48 hours.

When the modern marvel that is the da Vinci surgery System is matched with the expertise of Dr. Shaw, who’s among the most revered urological cancer surgeons in Texas, patients enjoy a truly revolutionary experience.

Furthermore, the Austin Urology Institute is among the select few in Texas that can offer this service with such profound experience and expertise. Dr. Shaw was among the very first in the state to make use of the da Vinci surgery System with experience dating back to the mid-2000s, and he remains on a small list of select doctors capable of properly teaching others in its use.

Simply put, the Austin Urology Institute is the men’s wellness clinic of today and proudly stands on its profound experience and expertise with the latest technology in modern medicine.