No Need for Needles

September 7, 2018

Unless you’re into knitting, chances are you’re not a huge fan of needles. At the Austin Urology Institute, we are proud to celebrate 14 years of no needle techniques within our vasectomy practice. While it seems like our sector of the medical industry would be quick to adopt this, we were one of the first. At the time, it was such a huge innovation that we were asked to perform it live on-air for KLBJ radio in a historic event broadcast to a record audience. Talk about pressure. The good thing is that Dr. Shaw, Austin Urology’s lead urologist, is as cool as ice and conducted the procedure without a hitch.  

The procedure takes as long as half an episode of Seinfeld and keeping in mind the busy schedules of men in Austin, we combined the usual two-visit requirement into a one time deal. This way, men can come in and get consultations and ask questions the same day they have the vasectomy performed. When you’re considering a vasectomy, we know how eager you can be.  

Vasectomies are performed daily, including selected Saturdays. The most popular day, of course, is Friday, so men can recover, relax, and soak up as much sympathy as possible over the weekend. That’s right, go ahead and milk it. People should appreciate what you just went through. We know your partner will. We ask that most people schedule a ‘light week’ following the vasectomy, understanding it is normal to be just a bit sore for a few days after. It can best be described as ‘achy balls’, and in my case, the pain was about 4/10 the first day, decreasing by about a point a day until I was nearly pain-free 3-4 days later.

A common question people ask us is if it is ok to shower the day after the procedure. Totally. We just ask that you take it easy. Crack a beer, grab an ice pack, and plant yourself on a nice couch. In all honesty, vasectomies are the perfect opportunity to take a little staycation.

We offer convenient online scheduling, and out of pocket costs are minimal. In fact, many insurance companies cover all or most of the procedure costs. We are happy to review your individual benefits prior to the procedure as well.

If a vasectomy is something you have been considering for a while or is something you want to make a move on, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (512)694-8888. We are happy to talk with you and discuss any questions, hesitations, or concerns you might have.