Prostate Exam FAQs

August 14, 2014

Do prostate exams hurt?

The prostate is located deep in the pelvis in between the bladder and rectum. In order to access the prostate for an exam, a finger is inserted into the rectum. This is referred to as a “digital rectal exam,” and allows for evaluation of size and masses of tumors. Also, the “digital rectal exam” evaluates inflammation or infection or the prostate.

When do prostate exams start?

Prostate cancer screening includes the prostate exam and PSA blood test. Screening begins at age 55, and is continued every 1-2 years as long as it remains normal. For patients with risk factors such as family history or African-American ethnicity, screening should begin at age 40.

Recommendations for prostate cancer screening are based on the age that prostate cancer afflicts most patients. Since men with family history or African American ethnicity are at higher risk, their screening is completed earlier.


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