The Telemedicine Revolution Is in Full Swing

May 26, 2021

Austin Urology Institute has been serving its patients throughout the Austin area with a robust telemedicine program since 2017, long before the pandemic.

Our technology is intuitive and easy to use on any computer or phone. Additionally, if there are any technology hiccups, our providers are available to call as well.

This program is available to all patients! Our providers are able to offer appointments and treat many common conditions throughout the day at the patient’s convenience.

Urology and telemedicine are made for each other. Although nothing replaces an in-person visit and an exam, many of the common reasons men and women seek care from a urologist can be assessed and followed virtually. Ordering labs, following up on imaging, discussing lab results, changing medications, initial work ups, prescribing or refilling medications, surgical consultations and surgical follow-ups are all possible in the urology field using telemedicine, and the list is growing. Acute urinary tract infections, erectile dysfunction, testosterone treatment, vasectomy consults, ongoing management of chronic conditions with labs, imaging or a quick check in are all telemedicine appropriate!

Healthcare has changed dramatically since COVID. The shift from in-person care to virtual care (telemedicine) has begun. This doesn’t just apply to on-demand urgent care visits, this applies to all medical specialties from cardiology and pediatrics to dermatology and urology.

If you’ve had a doctor’s appointment since COVID has changed daily life, then one of those appointments has likely been a telemedicine visit. There was a 154% increase in telemedicine visits during the last week of March 2020, compared to March of 2019. A survey found that 83% of patients expect to use virtual appointments once the pandemic is over.

There are multiple benefits to telemedicine, from expanding access to care and reducing disease exposure for staff and patients to preserving supplies of medical equipment and decreasing demand on medical facilities. Additionally, patients have found that telemedicine is very convenient! The flexibility of fitting appointments into your own schedule and location, not having to plan to leave the house or office, battle traffic, or have any office wait time is appealing. Additionally, appointments can often be made for same day needs.

That being said, telemedicine will never replace an in-person exam and consultation. Some types of visits will style require in-person attention. However, many can be managed with follow-ups using telemedicine. If you are interested in learning more about the telemedicine program at Austin Urology Institute or in booking a telemedicine appointment with a provider, please contact 512.694.8888 or contact our office online.