Treating Bladder Cancer with Robotics

October 17, 2014

Cancer fighting technology is continually evolving and we’re always striving at Austin Urology Institute to provide the best and most advanced care. One of the foremost examples of this commitment is our robotic surgery unit, which is capable of treating bladder cancer in unprecedented ways.

The robot may be used to remove all or part of the bladder for treatment of bladder cancer. If this surgery is necessary, your doctor will decide how much of the bladder needs to be resected, and by what method this surgery needs to occur.  Most bladder tumors may be taken out without having to actually remove part of the bladder; this procedure called a TURBT (transurethral resection of bladder tumor) is not done with the robot. If the robot is utilized, the surgery is performed through small (1cm) incisions in which the robotic instruments are inserted. The surgeon controls the robot from a console about 10 feet away.