Trust Our Tech To Treat Your Urologic Cancer

June 26, 2018

We understand how shocking a diagnosis of a urologic cancer can be. In those difficult times you deserve the best treatment. You need an experienced medical team willing to discuss the full range of treatments available to you, including surgical options.

Look for a surgeon who utilizes the latest technology and provides a friendly, comforting environment that focuses on precise diagnosis, treatment, and management of your urologic cancer. Find a true specialist – a board-certified urologist – who can treat you whether you have bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, or testicular cancer.

When surgery is required, look for maximum results with minimal incisions, because smaller incisions mean less pain and a faster recovery. The da Vinci® Surgical System has been used for minimally invasive surgery for an estimated 3 million patients worldwide since 2000 and is the gold standard.

The da Vinci Surgical System enables trained surgeons to perform numerous cancer surgeries through a few small incisions in the body. It’s a laparoscopic, robotic–assisted surgical method.

The da Vinci System’s robotic technology allows your surgeon’s hand movements to be “translated” into smaller, precise movements of tiny instruments inside the body. Key system features enable surgeons to operate with enhanced vision, precision, and control.

Read more about Da Vinci surgery and technology used worldwide for prostate removal (prostatectomy) and its use for all urologic cancer surgeries.

Dr. Shaw has performed hundreds of robotic-assisted surgeries since 2004. His proven SHARP Technique robotic prostatectomy has reduced surgical times to two hours in most cases, and the vast majority of his patients are in the hospital for 24 hours or fewer. Studies have proven that reduced operative time and shorter hospital stays can lead to lower complications and faster recovery.

Read more about Dr. Shaw’s method of robotic surgery or watch the video.

Should you ever find yourself facing the sobering reality of a urologic cancer diagnosis, please come see Dr. Shaw for a consultation.