Vasectomies: Permanent Birth Control Is Easier Than You’d Think

June 6, 2014

When couples know their families are complete, it’s often the woman who undergoes a tubal ligation as a form of permanent birth control. But more and more men each year are opting to take that responsibility on instead.

Vasectomies are a quick, painless option that nearly 500,000 U.S. men choose to take advantage of each year. While we’ve noticed that men tend to be squeamish about any procedure that takes place below the belt, a vasectomy is truly an easy procedure – so easy, Dr. Shaw once performed vasectomies on KLBJ radio show hosts Dudley and Bob live on air.

Urologists can perform vasectomies through two tiny incisions, about a centimeter in length. Dr. Shaw doesn’t use needles, and instead uses a numbing spray. By removing a tiny section of the vas deferens inside the scrotum, doctors ensure that no sperm can get from one side to the other. Then the small incision is closed with a stitch that absorbs and disappears within 10 days.

And that’s it! Then the patient just needs to relax for a few days. We often see men on a Friday afternoon so they can chill out on the couch and watch TV over the weekend. Dr. Shaw also offers Saturday vasectomy clinics for men who want to minimize their downtime. We also ask that patients hold off on sports for a week, so no bull riding!

Often men worry that a vasectomy will affect their sex life – it won’t. All it does is interrupt the flow of sperm. It has no affect on libido or erectile function.

After the vasectomy men can go back to their normal routines. It can take up to two months for all the sperm to clear out, after which time patients usually do a semen analysis to get the “all clear.” Dr. Shaw’s office is among a group of practices that offers SpermCheck, a convenient, at-home test that lets patients check to make sure sperm aren’t present, in the privacy of their own homes.

Most insurance covers vasectomy procedures, so out-of-pocket costs are minimal or nonexistent.


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