Vasectomy Doctors: Which Doctors Are Fit To Snip?

March 14, 2022

If you’re looking into getting a vasectomy, chances are you’re here and reading this because you’re doing some essential research. One of the most common and important questions patients often have is which doctors are qualified to perform vasectomies. The good news is that there are plenty of safe, efficient options out there; just make sure you’ve thoroughly vetted your provider. However, urologists are typically the best equipped to perform vasectomies and we’ll explain “why” below.

What is a vasectomy?
A vasectomy is a method of contraception or birth control. It is minor procedure that takes place either in an office or an operating room. In fact, it’s one of the safest, most effective forms of male birth control. The procedure blocks sperm from reaching semen, which is ejaculated from the penis during climax. During the procedure, each vas deferens is isolated, cut, blocked and sealed to prevent sperm from moving. You will still make sperm but they will not reach their final destination and the body absorbs them.

Who performs vasectomies?
Most urologists and urologic surgeons perform the procedure. Urologists are the most familiar with the male anatomy because of the nature of their training, having also vigorously practiced their surgical technique. There are also other physicians, like family practice physicians, who offer vasectomies with similar outcomes and efficacy.

So, who should perform vasectomies?
Most urologists will be skilled and experienced enough to perform this procedure in a safe, efficient and comfortable manner. There are experienced physicians in other fields who perform vasectomies frequently, and they can be just as skilled and qualified. When looking for a doctor, it’s recommended that you ask your provider about how their experience and how frequently they perform vasectomies.

Why Austin Urology Institute?
Dr. Shaw himself is a well-known urologist in the community, having performed successful vasectomies on-air with known disc jockeys Dudley and Bob. If you have any questions or concerns regarding whether or not a vasectomy is right for you, please reach out to Austin Urology Institute for a consultation.