Why is my urine the color of Fanta?

June 16, 2014


We have all been there. You stand up and look right before you flush and you ask yourself, is that normal? Before you diagnose yourself, here are some of the most common colors of urine that stir questions.

Urine that is orange may be discolored due to the foods you are eating or certain medications you are on. Review those medications to see if this is a side effect.

Let’s say it is looking cloudy. Sometimes urine is cloudy or dark in the morning due to the fact that it has been sitting in the bladder overnight. However, cloudy urine that persists throughout the day or week may indicate a urinary tract infection.

If it is dark yellow urine during the day you have a chance to save yourself––it is a sign that you are not drinking enough water. Sometimes urine is dark in the morning due to the fact that it has been sitting in the bladder overnight. After hydrating, your urine should be looking clear.

But if your urine is looking darker than usual and has a “tea-colored” appearance to it, this could mean blood is present in the urine. Contact your doctor if it keeps appearing.

So, there is no messing around if you think there is urine in your blood. Urine colors that are pink or red might mean blood.

If you are pretty sure it is blood in your urine, it is important to let your doctor know to check for abnormalities in the urinary tract. Blood in the urine may be due to a kidney stone, urinary tract infection, or any tumors in the bladder or kidney. Especially if you have reoccurring UTIs, this can cause blood in the urine.

Guys, if you see abnormalities in your urinary track you need to make sure you see a doctor just to make sure it is not a prostate infection.

Always feel comfortable to call your doctor and ask for a urine test. Better to be safe than sorry!


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