Will Male Infertility Destroy America? (No, BUT…)

December 14, 2017

America may self-destruct in the near future, and surprisingly it may have more to do with male infertility than the current political climate. After years of steady decline, the number of women giving birth in the U.S. has reached an all-time low this year. This decline isn’t all bad news, birth rates have decreased amongst teenagers and women in their 20s, while women in their 30s and 40s are seeing an increase in birth rates. Unfortunately, this silver lining doesn’t help with balancing out our unstable “replacement rate.”

So what’s the deal? There is a lot of speculation from experts in the field of fertility claiming there could be many different explanations. Some theories suggest diet and exercise could contribute to infertility, while others speculate our wretched cellphones are the culprit yet again.

Truthfully, the cause for this decline doesn’t have one explanation. Teen birth rates going down could be due to better forms of sex education, which is a great success. And the rising birth rates for women between 40-44 could be due to successful fertility treatments which is also good news.

The general understanding is that people are waiting till they are older to have kids. In unstable economic times, it helps to have stable income before bringing on the responsibility of having a human to care for. Waiting to have kids can be nerve-wracking for both parents. Fertility does drop as we get older, but we have seen the birth rate for women increase amongst the 40-44 year old segment because of fertility treatments.

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